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Tier building

I just tries this on my tier 2  and its awesome.  a couple of questions.  OK. how do I know when the project ends . so far it has 198 verified links which it runs through gsa indexer and uploads to Indexification.. sweet! However I don know how or when does the tier 2 campaign ends . so I stopped it? I want to build a tier 3  to my tier 2 but I am not sure  how to end my tier 2  posting.  second is there a way to set up schedule posting campaign? thanks!!!

Best Answer

  • Satans_ApprenticeSatans_Apprentice
    Accepted Answer
    You don't have to end the campaign. You can set up Tier 3, before you even start tier 2. As tier 2 builds links, they get added to the target list for tier 3 automatically. You can stop tier 2 at any time, and tier 3 will keep building links. The whole process can go on auto-pilot. To set up tier 3, right click on the tier 2 project and click modify project=>duplicate. Name the new project tier 3. Now double click on the tier 3 project. At the top select "use verified URLs of another project" make sure you uncheck "use a random URL". When you get the pop up, select the tier 2 project you want to build links to. If you want to cap the number of Tier 2 links at 200, just do it at the top of the options screen.


  • Thank you Satan's apprentice I am a heavy user of senuke so I wasn't completely in the dark when using GSA.for the first time  However, the features in  GSA  are very impressive to say the least. Sill learning everything. This time I used GSA to backlink my first tier from SEnuke and it was impressive. Thanks for your help. i am now setting up my 3rd tier.
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