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urls with .txt files and let Ser extract the urls inside the txt-file

Hi all,

is it possible to import url-lists with ending .txt and Ser could exract those urls inside the .txt file ?
The url I'm going to load into Ser is

Can Ser recognize the .txt file and scan the urls inside and add to its lists automatically ?

I mean it's nearly the same as "search online for sitelists" but with the differece that I load a list with possible urls to scan.

Thanks for your help...



  • SvenSven
    whats wrong in opening that url in browser, copy all->parse from clipboard.
  • Nothing - it was just an idea. Because I'm lazy  :)
    It would be great if Ser could identify the txt file, scan all urls inside and identify + sort-in automatically.

    I don't want to load just one url - I want to load a bunch (+100) urls and to open and cop&paste every single file is very timeconsuming. If Ser could do this it would be a great feature to grow my list easier. That's all: just an idea...
    How about the "search online for sitelists" feature ? I thought it does the same thing - with the difference that it searches online for sitelists. Does not this funktion filter out all the urls found on the target site ? I thought so...
  • SvenSven
    Well yes it does thte same and adding the feature is not really big work...I might add it.
  • Thank you - that would be great. Perhaps with an additional option to post to identified lists automatically -> "import urls of sitelists" -> optional: post to identified urls.
    So first it identifies urls inside the .txt files and after this step it posts to these identified urls...

    Just another idea...nothing more...
  • Many thanks for adding the feature I proposed. I found a lot new targets with this methode...
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