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Tittle Error on Web 20

edited December 2013 in Bugs

i get error on article web 2.0, i check couple backlink created on gsa i see double title on the article, this is one of the example


i'm using lastest version btw


  • i also already check article manager and didn't see any duplicate title in here, also check it on preview mode and its only produce 1 article title
  • SvenSven
    What engine? Might be some ini setting called "min length". If your article title is not at that lenght, it tries to expand it (in this case, duplicating it).
  • web 2.0 like wordpress, edublog, etc. i didn't see min length setting on article manager. As you can see on the example i think its already enough length for article title.
  • SvenSven
    it's no setting in the program but on the engine script. If those engines are from, please ask them for help.
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