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Multi-project edit feature...

I just found it, and I thought others may want to know about it. Let's say that you want to change the Minimum Pagerank for ten of your tier 2 projects from 3 to 1. Instead of changing them one at a time, you can change them all at once. From the main screen, select multiple projects using the shift or control keys and your mouse. After you select multiple projects, right click on a selected project, and then select: Modify Project=>Edit Only Engines/Options. Now you can make changes to all of the selected projects at the same time. Great for changing settings like Pagerank, submissions per day, adding and removing engines, etc.


  • donaldbeckdonaldbeck Advanced SER Videos -> | Learn SER For Free Step By Step ->
    I want an option that let's you manipulate multiple projects for all settings, not just options.
  • I use this a lot as I like to vary things throughout the week or on a weekly basis, BUT, I have noticed that if I highlight all and stop it sending to GSA Indexer and only my 3rd party Indexer, it doesn't work as I can see inside each project afterwards. It's not a major issue but it's weird that this particular edit doesn't work across the board.

    I've also tried it in Options>Indexing but it doesn't work that way either.
  • It just wrecked my whole deal. It changed the data settings for everyhing i selected.
  • ronron
    I mentioned this in another thread just 2 seconds ago, but you really are better off doing changes across multiple projects in Notepad++. I had the same issue where I changed one setting on 50 projects, and other settings changed on every single one of those 50 projects. I learned my lesson and use Notepad++.
  • U can edit in notepad? Where are the project files located?
  • Ron: please explain!
  • Satans_ApprenticeSatans_Apprentice
    edited December 2013
  • Haha, sorry to hear that but I've went through it. At that time too @ron explained to me later on after the aftermath where I already recognized the disaster I made lol. Yes it will change all the data of all projects that you selected. That is why I requested just a feature a couple of months ago for multiple projects edit and @Sven I guess seemed to like it at that time too.

    I guess what Ron meant was to open the .ser file with notepad++ and replace the values for the specified settings.
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