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Good Engines Bad Engines

I need help  with  identifying well performing engines  . Were do i look to start work on that .  I only need starting point . A  theory how it's done . 


  • If you get links from it, its a good engine. If you don't, its a bad engine. Not much theory really.
  • Have you done any sorting out your self?
  • Options>>>Advanced>>>Show Stats>>>List1 VS List2>>> Successful>>> Verified>>>Export to Excel

    Then go through the list, see which platforms are giving you poor results (by %), and don't use them in your projects.

  • goonergooner
    @dimitribanks - 2 things you need to look at for each engine:

    1) Total number of submissions
    2) % verified.

    Obviously a high verified rate is ideal but if you have very few submissions then you have to consider whether it is worth SER wasting resources trying to scrape for sites for that engine if they are hard to find.

    On the other hand, lots of submissions is great but is it worth letting SER waste time submitting to an engine that gets a low verify rate.

    So you have to make a judgement based on those factors.

  • That*s it . Big thank you @2Take2
  • @gooner thx men exactly what i was looking for . :-B
  • goonergooner
    No probs :)
  • I just went over my stats for the first time, and it was enlightening. For example, Wordpress Article engine identified 400,000 sites, but it only verified 350 links. This is burning up computing cycles, and hammering my LPM. Think about it - GSA scrapes all of your keywords, 1 at a time with the footprints for each engine. If they aren't turning into verified links, you are wasting computing cycles. I disabled a bunch of engines, and took my LPM from 5 to 15. Disabling the right engines will double your LPM - or better.
  • Don't mean to keep spamming this video, but it's very handy:
  • I think it's a really good idea to this.  but and i'm not complaining by any means but with so many updates and engines updated etc. etc.  Than you have to start all over comparing engines letting stats build up than comparing it again.

    For me personally it'd end up being a full time job if I were to go through all my servers and do this. :(
  • goonergooner
    @hunar - Do you scrape with SB or Gscraper? If so, you can just scrape the footprints of the good engines but leave all the engines checked in SER.
  • I actually used to.  but it added a ton more work.  I have 15 Dedi's all running SER.  So managing those all by itself.  While adding campaigns 24/7 is about all I can handle without hiring someone else to help me out on it. :(
  • goonergooner
    haha yea it sounds like a full-time job!!
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