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Anyone having their SolidSEOVPS auto-restart today?

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I had very irritating 2 restarts without my concerns (not windows update) today. A lot of my progress is lost both of the times. And I'm not a power user, do only around 6-10 LPM, so its not like it got system stuck.

So anyone got their VPS auto restarted today at SolidSEO?



  • Nope, not mine. Which one do you have? Ask the support team, they're on this forum or use a ticket. See if there's been something wrong?
  • I'm in touch with their support. They're always response and nice (cooperative). Though I wanted to get to know if anyone of you had similar rundown issues. They said they were not aware of any node being down.

  • Pratik,

    We believe this is related to your windows, Our support have been trying to help you with this
  • @solidseovps

    Yep, no need to mention that. :)

    Was just checking in if anyone else had issues.

  • @solidseovps

    I'm having another problem with the newly provisioned VPS. I've updated ticket since 2 hours. Can you check please?

    Thank you.
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