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Hi, guys! need a little help with blog commenting!

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Hi, I just purchased GSA about a week ago, and i got some questions..

It may be stupid questions but i would deeply appreciate if you guys can help me out

I tried to blast blog comments and trackbacks with GSA SER, and i realize none of the site i submitted (arround 500) was not verified

I checked serveral sites by myself to see if there is any auto approve blog comment site, and there were some site i could get approved automatically when i tried manually.

Also seen other people blasting blog comment just like me on some same sites which i however failed..

Then i realize there was no options for me to set an email for a blog comment from GSA SER. 

so my questions is, how do i set an email address for a blog comment ??? where do i enter email address for blog comments?

Thank you in advance!


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    Also another question is.. when i import targeted url to a project, is it okay if i mix blog comments urls and trackback  urls together? Is GSA SER going to sort them out as it process automatically???

    can anyone help me please?

  • SvenSven
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    First questions answered by email. Please use just one way to get support next time.

    About the mixture of URLs: It does not matter. If the submission for one type failed, it tries the next best matching one.

  • Thank you for the support!! appriciated, i ll contact you directly if i got another question next time!
    Thank you again!
  • I have the same problem please help.
  • SvenSven
    @djeidy what problem in detail?
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    Help me please Sven, I have the same problem, I have very low submission and verification rates since I reinstalled GSA Search Engine Ranker on my new VPS, maybe I selected wrong settings but it's been 3 days that I'm searching what is wrong with my configuration, but I have still the same problem, below is a picture of my issue :


    I had run GSA SER all the night, I have 7000 submission and only few verified links, I have reinstalled GSA 2 times on my new VPS, I use public proxies, and GSA Captcha Breaker, and I already had successful projets in the past with GSA SER, but now I don't understand what is happening, I can send a backup of my configuration if it's needed, I had the same problem with Articles, Social bookmarks, how can I reset GSA SER default settings ? help from the GSA support team will be greatly appreciated!

  • SvenSven
    public proxies are your problem I would say.
  • Okay @Sven thanks for your reply, I will try with private proxies.
  • Ignis_ftsTheAnonymous
    there is very small chance of verifying blog comments. Most of these are placed on spammed to death sites and when you check them, they are already on different page, so in reality your verifieds could be much more higer.

    If you have problem with articles than there is great chance you have to buy some recaptcha braker, not sure about public proxies, haven't used them.
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