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Site ranked 4th Number in 1st page after month using GSA

Hi team Thanks for your suport and guides, My site showing in last number of google in 1st page, now its in 4th number in 1st page, Now I am understanding how the things are working but I am thing something different.correct me IF I am wrong.

Q1: My competitor have domain example:  "" and I typed in google term "ismail haider" .  Now Its showing in top of google, is it possible to get ranked with this keyword in my site "ismail haider"  if I used this keyword and start backlinking using ancher text, is it possible to rank on top than my competitor ?

Q2: I want manually add URL for Auto posting comments or articles in a site, Can I add a website Manually, will GSA Auto login and post the things ?


  • cool, how much monthly search is your key words ?
  • For your question #1,

    Yes, it will work as long as its done correctly. Any keyword you want to rank for, set it as anchor text (make sure to have it very low % waitage or it'll set alarms on to Google) and you may slowly see improvement depending upon how competitive the niche is.

    Also to have best results, make sure your on-page SEO for that keyword is good. Your site should include that keyword for good effects.
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