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Very Low Verified Links Lately

I'm getting a very low amount of verified links from GSA SER.

current stats : 1605 links submitted | 170 links verified

I'm using 20 shared proxies for the campaign.. What can be the issue? Already made sure that setting were correct.


  • my problem is also similar :(
  • Most of the web owners are deleting spam links on auto.. since the software has the ability to registered which might be shown as link submitted and later can't verified because most site change there posting system.. I've been able to verified by checking the account and the site itself from failed project.. I also verified that sometimes, the captcher service mess things up as they don't solve it very well..
  • it was not happening with me before. i acctually Changed my VPS and now this is happening with me. the VPS is powerful that last VPS  can anyone help ?
  • I had this problem and checked my emails and most where blacklisted once i deleted those and added 10 new per prodject it jumped up alot 
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