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Profile Completion

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited October 2012 in Feature Requests
I have spent the whole day reviewing links and what SER has been doing. 

I have noticed a huge number of profiles have been created. One thing that has jumped out at me are 2 fields that are not completed.

I propose we have the option (i.e. we have the field to fill in, but it's not required) to:
1) Select a random image/avatar URL. 
2) Interests Field 

There are just so many of the GSA platforms that create profiles from videos, to articles, to forums, etc that it makes sense to complete profiles as much as possible so at they look like they were filled in by a human. This is especially true of the avatar. 

When viewing these profiles I am seeing the visitor counter quite high. So these might be forum members, or site members who want to check out a new member's profile. Then if the profile at least has an avatar and a little more info they are more likely to visit the actual website. 

I'm trying to avoid spamming and creating actual useful profiles if possible. :-)


  • I agree with profile pics especially, a small thing but really helps with the validity.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Just don't know how easy it is for Sven to do? Would make the profiles much more real, and after all these forums are being used by people who seem to view the profiles. Why not get some traffic to the site from users as well as a link  :D
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