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Auto Check Email Ban & Notify

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I love the feature to check if an email is banned. Anyway to automate that and have it notify? Maybe the color of the project in the project list changes if an email it is using is on a blacklist?



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    I want this also...I did ask a few days ago about bulk checking/importing, but using right click> import emails, it does not load them into my projects. In fact most bulk editing doesn't actually change anything. I will have a look at what Ron has said about updating the .ser file using Notepad++ but haven't tried it yet.

    @Wizzardly, for the time-being, why not have a test project separate to your others and have all of your emails in there? That way you can test them in bulk. It does mean for the blacklisted ones that you'd have to go in and manually delete them, which is time-consuming I know, but it's exactly the reason why a bulk/global email checker/editor would be awesome @Sven.
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    super need :automatically unusing black emails if at least one white email persist,
    or using global email list for getting new email for black email replacing
  • @sven that would be a great feature: automatically (schedule) test emails from all projects against blacklists and remove if its blacklisted.
    If only XX working email-accounts left -> change color of project or add an exclamation mark in front of the project or something like that or import an amount of XX fresh email-accounts from file YY.
  • Another possibility: test if all accounts work and do a second blacklist test (both periodically - schedule) and if the working-test fails: disable account and don't use it for submit or verify - if only blacklisted but working: only use it for verify for XX days and not for submitting.
    This could probably save resources and time.
    In both ways: if an min-amount of YY accounts is reached: mark project in any way and/or import automatically zz email-accounts from email-account-file into this project.

    Just a slight modification to my previous suggestion...
  • ronron
    I think you guys are overthinking this. Why do you care if an email is blacklisted? I ran ser for the last 8 months without changing out blacklisted emails, and I still built a zillion links.

    The main reason they get blacklisted is because of forum comments. So you get blacklisted from a portion of the forums that are hooked into the bad email notification service. There are still tons of forums to drop some comments.

    Having an email blacklisted doesn't stop you from spamming the other 240 engines and 20 platforms in ser. I don't even use forum comments anymore as there is negligible seo value.
  • @ron But you are checking if the emails still work or if log-in is working ? How often are you checking if the email accounts still work ?
    Do you own a separate program to check all mails of all accounts in bulk ?
    Because if you own so many projects and built so man links, they often get blocked I think - or am I wrong ?
  • ronron
    edited December 2013
    My linkbuilding has only gone up. It had zero impact on my ability to build links. I'm sure I dropped a bunch of links that were rejected because of the email filter, but SER just moves on and finds the sites where they are not using that blacklist service.

    This next point is really important (in case there is confusion). If my email is forum blacklisted, it has *no* impact on my ability to make other links in that project, or even forum links. I just can't make links on certain sites. This isn't a global thing.

    Since I owned SER, I cannot think of one instance where I had a blacklisted email on a contextual tier. So if that is a concern, don't even give it a second thought. I believe I have had a few blacklists triggered for Guestbook and Bookmarks, but they only fit on one hand.

    I'm not sure why you think this might impair the actual email from working. That is not an issue, and blacklisting an email has no relevance/cause/effect on whether the email actually works.

    One last thing on emails. Try to set up each project with 3-5 mails as opposed to 1. It will greatly increase your LPM and verified links.

  • @ron thanks for your great advice. I'm just a novice and I'm still trying to learn :-)
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