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Wow! Just look at my verified rate!

Something is wrong! I remember the first day i used it, i got way more verified with 1 project!
A week ago today i think it was, when i bought gsa, and i ended up with 5.4k backlinks ( updated on ahrefs )

And now i cant seem to get above 2k verified? Even look at the bottom, 24k submitted not over 1k verified

I have watched all the videos on here, took out useless links to post to, i check proxies daily, i do all the checking etc
tweak things to try make it verify more but i can't seem to get more?
Can anyone suggest anything please


  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    there must be something wrong, because you are not the only one who made the thread about this problem and there are also many people that are probably wondering what's the problem, I also have very low verified rate - only articles and social network
  • goonergooner
    That's very very low!!! I think maybe your emails are going to junk folder.
    Did you manually check one of your email accounts?
  • @Gooner, no i will check my emails now, thanks

    @Grax1 yeah its only recently where this has happened, the first day i got gsa i had 10x this amount
  • @Gooner there is 11,300+ in my email (normal folder) & 3,454 (spam)
  • @Gooner, some seem to not be opened (read the email) while most of the others have been read
  • goonergooner
    @anth20 - If i were you i would buy some emails from BanditIM (just buy a small amount if you want to see how good they work first). Use them on a new project, pause all other projects and see the results.

    That will prove one way or the other right?
  • Ive got loads of emails ive created myself, should i try putting like 10 - 15 in? @gooner
  • goonergooner
    I use 10 but it seems the ones you got do not have junk filter disabled.
    They must have that set up or you will see bad results like you described.

  • in version 7.11 I see amazing fix with verifications
  • @Gooner

    Ive made 1 yahoo, and the verified are flying up! so its the emails, thankyou all for the help, appreciate it

  • Aye aye captain @Sven . I can confirm 7.11 is a beast, verification's are now just a breeze. Thanks again for the brilliant work on a brilliant software. :)
  • goonergooner
    @anth20 - You're welcome :)
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    @Anth20 so you no more use hotmails, but now yahoo emails, right ? If it helps I would also change my emails - now I create it with a software (hotmails) and there's an option to disable the junk folder but my verification rate is very low and maybe it's because of emails
  • @Pratik

    Check this out... am i doing something wrong here or what?

    Its just doing this, on and on and on, about 1% of these go green = verified?
  • @Anth20 Have you looked at the performance of the General Blogs engine? I myself do not use General Blogs anymore as the verification rate is low in general. 
  •  Me too, I have low verified link after update v.7.11 

     Anyone help me ??
  • @system0102

    Yeah i show verified stats of all the submitted types, and then remove the ones which looks low
  • My LpM is getting better, i just need the verified to!

    LpM =
  • @Anth20 Congrats, that's an LPM that most of the guys here (including me) would kill for!

    Now just focus on increasing your verified links and you'll be set to go!

    And yes, disable general blogs, very very low verified links, not worth wasting scraping power on it IMHO.

    Also if you're running SER since a while for now (more than 2-3 weeks continuously, i.e. not a new customer of SER) look at your submitted vs verified stats in Options > Advanced > Tools and see what engines are good and scrap out the bad ones which either has very less targets to find or are either gives very less verified link %. Doing those changes will surely help you yield more verified links like I've started to see an improvement.
  • goonergooner
    @anth20 - Yea the guys are right, general blogs = massive lpm, tons of submitted but not many verified.

  • For those that have or mailboxes, the following trick helped me to disable the junk folder.

    Click on the setting icon at the top right.

    Then click on more mail settings 

    Then, click on rules to sort new messages.

    Then create this rule: Move messages to Inbox if sender's address contains "@"
  • @Pratik Thanks i will do that now, i'd rather have more verified and lower LpM, rather than High LpM VERY low Verified

    So i will take blogs off, and check stats and untick useless engines, i did this before but maybe it was too early to give engines a chance
  • @bloupbloup

    what about if i got 500 hotmails, i can't go through them all :( haha!
  • The stat I like is Identified vs. Verified. For example, SER identifies a ton of Wordpress sites, but less than 1% get verified.
  • @Satans_Apprentice

    do 1 thousand wordpress MANUALLY = then you know exactly why
    and YES I did far more than 1000 manually on WP
    and avoid submitting to WP unless is a verified WP from a previous post by anyone

    LpM or submitted is NO criteria at all
    the only fact that matters is long time verified
  • @bloupbloup- you can buy 1000 preconfigured hotmail accounts with the junk mail disabled for $12. Saves a ton of time and aggravation.
  • @hans51 to me, LPM is an important statistic, but for different reasons: 1. System Health - if my LPM drops, something may be wrong 2. Target lists - if my LPM starts falling, I am out of targets. 3. Fine tuning - you can adjust threads, search engines, etc, and see what effect it has on LPM. LPM is a relative number. I got really picky with my links, and my LPM dropped to 4. Couldn't figure out what happened. Duh.
  • Be careful with what engines you select when you use a verified list. Shutting down ineffective engines is good if you are scraping, bad if you are using a verified list. It will ignore the engines you uncheck and a lot of your list will be unused.
  • @satans_apprentice

    thanks, what made ur LpM go down to 4?

    ive tweaked things and mine has now haha! i forgot what ive changed -.-
  • Is set PRs too high, and limited countries.
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