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Confused at the anchors box

Really confused at the difference between Anchor box and the separate box, such as Secondary anchor, lsi partial anchor or anything else. If I import my total anchors in the Anchor box, how to fill in the following separate box, still input the separate anchors?


  • Not sure I understand what you're asking, but I'll give it a shot.

    Are you asking how to separate individual anchors?

    If that's what you're asking - the following way should work:

    {anchor 1|anchor2|anchor3}

    Hope that helped!

  • @Rankasaurus_Rex thanks. May there are two questions I need a help 1. Why there is a need for using Secondary anchor, lsi partial anchor and others. 2. How many anchors you use for Main Anchor Text, Secondary anchor, lsi partial anchor.
  • Hi,

    I guess number 1 depends on the needs of your project; do you need highly diversified anchor text for it? Or would it perform better with very basic anchors.

    As for your second question - it really depends on the project. What works well for me, may not work well for you. You just have to test the project and run it multiple times with different settings to see what gets YOU the best results.
  • You're most welcome :)
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