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Global Blacklist

edited October 2012 in Feature Requests
is it possible to have a global blacklist (cloud?) for all user? Like that one on "Filter malware" but for domains which webmaster are prooven squeamish about spam like this?


Sometimes it happens a webmaster is sending angry mails for spamming, so if thats happens could be usefull to blacklist those url on a global list for all other users too to avoid to get probably the same angry mails/calls whatever too...

I dont know if thats makes sence, just an idea :-)


  • that's an nice idea. Cloud blacklist just like SB could be very useful for us all I sense...
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Would be useful. How would you envisage adding domains to this list? Manually? 
  • well yes the one who has that abuse mail has to add that domain manually to the list. and if its like those malware filter lists, everybody can use it (or not) to filter those domains out.

    guess the issue is to share and maintain such a list. i dont know if its possible to have a sent form in SER to add domains to a cloud blacklist? maybe it could be misuse....
  • right, I see where your coming from ;) I guess you could have a checkbox next to your own blacklist that allows it to be uploaded to a master list. this list you could then select to use or not.. at least then everyone's list could be combined and automatically updated.
  • you got me ;-)

    maybe that could prevent a little bit more for some angry webmasters revenge ;-)

  • SvenSven
    Sorry thats not possible right now. We don't have the servers to handle this really.
  • Ah ok i see. Thanks for the reply. Just thought that would be usefull to prevent other users from very unhappy experiences :-) There are really some weird webmasters out there who are really LOVE to write abuse reports and angry mails.

    Anyways maybe someday there will a solution besides an own list ;-)
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