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Imported Target List Getting Stuck When Submitting

I have a list of about 4,300 links for GSA that I have successfully posted to in the past.

However, when GSA gets to around the 2,700 mark I get spammed with:

Attention! No more targets, but also no engines in selected project.

-It's not running verification
-I've managed to post to this list before in one go

If you need any additional specifics I'm happy to elaborate - just wondering if anybody else has experienced this recently?



  • I'm having exactly the same problem. I've scheduled 100 verified links per date per url with around 15 urls in a project - it gets stuck around link 3000/5000 - saying no targets left.

    Have double checked proxies, and again - no verification is happening. Have also double checked the number of emails, etc and all is fine.

    It's with a selection of article and wiki links if that helps..
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    Hi @Sven @GodfreyWagstaff

    Here's a few screenshots taken from my project:


    I run this list in order each time (that is I don't set it to random).


    Above are my settings.


    This is how GSA starts out. Initially it's fine and runs at 90 threads until I get about halfway through my list.


    Then when it reaches the 2500/2700 mark the threads suddenly fall off/freeze. I then get the Attention! message saying that there are no more URLS. Yet there's still a good 1500/1700 for the project to go through.


    Shortly after this the project randomly decides to reload (No I didn't change anything) and the threads fall off even more.

    Hopefully you guys can shed some light on this - I've run the project multiple times (with many different settings enabled and disabled) now and can't think what else I should try/change to make this work.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Rankasaurus_Rex have you tried to select it from active to inactive ? That helps sometimes, but it seems @sven should take a look at this.
  • Yeah I've tried that my friend, but to no avail - though oddly enough it did manage to find some stray links when I tried that!
  • Rankasaurus_Rex did you split your list or just imported billion links ? I start to think that i had problems only when I imported very huge list. Will try to split my own.
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    Hi @RayBan,

    Yeah I did split them. Initially the list (or rather lists) were significantly bigger and required splitting. Though I did so for efficiency reasons; I have multiple servers with GSA on and figured it would be easier to run the lists over multiple servers. Many birds - many stones.

    So it may help you to to split your lists. Though you will need to keep them well organised if you're doing 'billions' ;)

    It's very easy to mix these lists up though (speaking from experience) #-oSo keep a sharp eye on all of your file names!

    I've been browsing the forums today for some time and it appears as if GSA is having some verification issues at the moment.

    For now I'll sit tight and see what @Sven changes in the next update.

    Best of luck to you :)>-
  • make sure you remove duplicate domains in your target URL cache every now and then = new feature
    else you may have a growing number of identical domain with different URLs
    to improve quality of links, always check lists
    1. at very least a live check
    2. import lists and identify > safe to file, then add / import to projects
  • Hi @hans51

    I've  carefully filtered the list through Scrapebox using the Dupremove addon :)

    -Have ran live checks on the links several times today and they are fine. GSA just seems to bugger up when I run verification.

    -Would you mind explaining "Import lists and identify" a little more please?

  • @hans51

    Just found the option you mentioned. :)

    Unknown: 1240

    Will try this and keep you posted.

    Thanks for the tip!

  • SvenSven
    The problem is the following: Not every time a site is rejected from posting, you get a log message. That happens e.g. if the domain/host is the same as a present verified/submitted using accounts and you have either no "scheduled posting" enabled or the slots are all used. In that case you will not get a message and see just a skip. That's usually the reason for seeing less submits than expected.
  • Hi @Sven

    I'm still having problems posting to my target sites - though I believe I haven't explained it well enough in my thread title or follow up comments. Submissions aren't the problem for me here, rather, GSA isn't posting (or making a full run through) my target list.

    GSA gets about halfway through my list and then I get spammed with 'Attention! No more targets, but also no more but also no more search engines in selected projects' - I've checked, rechecked and re-rechecked for duplicate domains; there are none.

    This problem occurs when GSA is about halfway through the list (the list is roughly 4000 unique domains) and it doesn't finish the full run-through.

    I've also tried splitting the list into two smaller chunks and the problem persists.
  • SvenSven
    But I also explained it what happened. I don't see any bug here except a none proper log output.
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