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Since update v7.11 I can't import verified url's

Here is the error:

This was working before the update, i've tried every single way to import and it can't be done.
Also, i tried to copy all links, but when i opened the verified site list i saved, its all code like this:
PK   S{Cψ.½:   9   &   sitelist_Article-Article Dashboard.txtË())°Ò×///×+.HÍÉ)6I+JMÕËK-Ñ/(ÊOËÌIÕÎ Šg¦êº¥æ¥ëZ˜ñr PK   S{CØh p  B  #   sitelist_Article-Article Script.txt•UÛŽ›0}¯Ôßè`s§ÒjUµRÕ·ýƒÊÀ N€qí!ÙýûB’:AÙîK¤dfΟ33éˆÔ× 8~'


  • SvenSven
    You import in show verified urls dialog using righ click and than?
  • I go into options > advanced > export > verified

    then import them all into a new project.

    But now it is working, i don't know why it did this before hand.

    Offtopic, is there a way to copy "sites to submit to" on the left? and use for all other projects?

    As i've just sat and took all useless sites off, and now 1 project has a good setting, is there a way to get the ticked forums / blogs / all other boxes, into all the other projects?
  • SvenSven
    right click -> save selection or something like that it was called.
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