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CB & SER under Winodws 8.1 NOT Working

Hi there buds, i would kindly need all the help possible to make CB and SER working together under Windows 8.1 x64 I'm a C# and uBot programmer, and since the upgrade to Windows 8.1 i have encountered issues with lots my bots (ubots and not only) under certain configurations. So far nothing i tried to make CB work together with SER made it work and followed all the topic here in the forums... if someone can help, please do :) Thanks.


  • The same problem here. CB isn't working with Licorne either UNLESS I use it like a web server.

    Try using it as a web server and see what will happen
  • thanks for the help bud, i tried everything i knew (and didn't) and still not working. GSA SER does work thought CB does not :( and still it says "Communication was successful" Sven please help fixing this issue :( i usually try to find workarounds before crying for help but so far CB is a big waste of time.
  • @macs
    Did you try running GSA and CB as an administrator?
    Then, you can create a shortcut and setup your shortcut to run GSA & CB as administrator.
  • edited November 2013
    Yeah bud i tried everything :( I bought 500$ worth of apps from GSA and now i'm thinking to ask for a refund for CB though i doubt it will be done easily. I have asked Sven many times to please help and have a look but he didn't replied to my request :( i cannot change Windows nor use a VM just because CB is not working.
  • SvenSven
    I didn't reply? Thats just a stupid lie! I reply to all emails/pms and forum threads. I asked for a login, you didnt sent any.
  • Yes you did Sven, sorry for i have not received any notifications from your PM where after i sent the Team Viewer login details too. (site mails go straight to spam)
  • @macs

    Why not creating a virtual PC using virtualbox and install a fresh version of win 8.1 on it?

    other option hyper V. 
  • Thank you for the suggestions bud, Sven already fixed... my fault and also the configs can be very confusing. anyways, replacing the Windows or using a VM is not practical and out of the question...
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