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Mass editing projetcs

I have I have a full SER campaign made of differents projects, all of them targeting 1 URL.

I want to make the exact same campaign, but for another URL, different keywords, different anchors text, etc.

I select all my projects and mass duplicate them (right click - modify project - duplicate). I tried to select all my projects and mass edit them (right click - modify project - edit) but it doesnt seems to work.. Is there a way to mass edit projects or should I edit projects 1 by 1 .. ?

Thanks :)


  • Have you made a 'group' of the projects? I don't think it works if you highlight a group. I've just tried the way you described and it works (which is the way I do it too). It can take a little while to duplicate them but you should get pop up boxes asking for the new project titles (double check this box isn't behind the main screen, making you think that the duplication hasn't worked!)
  • I just asked for something like this as a feature request.
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