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testing e-mails

Would you consider improving testing of e-mails? My host and e-mail address are different (catch-all). I just realized I had typo in my address and the test didn't reveal this. Perhaps you should send an email and check if it was received instead of only trying to log in? Or should this be an option? (Please tell me - what should I do if I've been running GSA with wrong e-mails for some time? How to create accounts again with proper emails without too big overhead?).


  • SvenSven
    In order to do a live test, I would require the user to also input smtp server settings. And I don't see a reason for this. But I don't understand this anyway. Usually the domain is the one from the email and the login is the part before @ or the full email. So it should not have worked than anyway.
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    You could send e-mail from GSA's server. As you wrote *usually* the domain is the same. In my case pop3 is behind firewall and has local address different from the e-mail address ;-). But it doesn't matter anyway - it CAN happen that you can log in to an email but receiving e-mails won't work. Of course I understand that this may affect 0.1% of users. Could you answer my question about re-trying?
  • @Sven, is there a way of adding 10 random emails per project but from a master list of say 5,000. I have hundreds of projects running on the scheduler and occasionally the emails get blacklisted or die, so I have to manually go in and swap them out for fresh ones. It would be great if there was an easier/faster way of doing this.

    A global email list pulling x amount per project.
  • SvenSven

    @JudderMan right clcik on projects->modify->import->email accounts->...

    You get asked than how to insert.

    @matt_rankman sorry you have to restart the campaign with delete target url cache.

  • Doh, didn't realise it was that simple. Thanks @sven.
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