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You guys use GSA+Captcha Breaker to make much money?

Here is what I use the results of a month.

Overall, the deficit.


  • Some people make good money out of it, but let's not go there again. ;) Your screenshot is meaningless, if you are getting 0 clicks then what do you expect? if you are getting 100s of clicks but no revenue then something on your site is wrong.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Agreed with @Spunko2010 building links doesn't mean you're going to make money.
  • me too,trying to make some money.

  • Strange things people post on forums, I was wondering how one could make money using GSA SER + Captcha Breaker, thats not supposed to make you money, its supposed to save you money on linkbuiding and captchas...
    edited November 2013
    This thread is a little confusing. Building links does not = earning money. That said, SER can absolutely HELP you earn. For me, it paid for itself in a little over a week. But I spent the majority of my first weekend researching niches, targeting keywords, checking the competition, and putting things together. In the meantime I was pushing SER & Scrapebox as hard as I could to build a nice sized list and filter out platforms that weren't worth my time. Also reading up on everything that I could about it. Once I was ready to go I let SER work its magic. SER paid for itself pretty quickly with the projects I set up over my first weekend of using it. And they're still going strong. Now, they are definitely "quantity over quality" and I expect them to get hit eventually. I'm now in the process of adding existing sites and creating new ones with longer term goals in mind.
  • goonergooner
    What if you sell link building services? Then it makes you money :D
  • If I give you a ferrari will you be able to drive like Lewis Hamilton. Do you understand the basics of link building and spamming? Are you able to analyze the serps to see what other people are doing that are ranking well? I'm not gonna say which niches but I learn all my stuff from about 4 niches. I running on 3 licenense right now and will soon get 2 more. cleared a good $xx xxx last month with the help of Gsa. If you have any problem just read or ask in here, Sven is fucking hero personally logged into my server 2 times and fixed problems that I could not find solutions for. Last time he even noticed a bug :) So yeah you can make money with it, but it has not so much to do with the tool as your understanding on what it takes to rank.
  • GSA is October 15 I purchased, see if I can not recoup costs.

    This post will be continually updated, check out next month's results.
  • will see, good luck
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