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Only GSA and CB and CS without any captcha service

Currently i have gsa ser, cb and cs but wonder if i use this 3 software without any captcha service. Will it still can getting many backlinks back to my site?

I plan to use CB as 1st captcha and CS as 2nd captcha.


  • Yes, CB is quite excellent. I'm running only CB since all these 4-5 months of my usage. Some people here push out easily to like 80 and sometimes even to 150K+ daily submissions just with SER and CB. It's a good piece of software and you can rely solely on it like me if your pockets are tight.
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    Can i use CB and CS together so that it will have high percentage captcha solving rate or only CB will enough?
  • RhymRhym Mājās :)
    I used to run SER with CB and CS on a VPS, a lot of "not responding" situations experienced from CS's side from such a combination.

    Then I got a second license for SER and set up a second VPS, and split the softwares each for a separate VPS. In addition I got spamvilla which is allowed to run on two PC's for 30$.
  • Will CB solve more type of captcha from CS ?
  • RhymRhym Mājās :)
    Both are good. SER and CB come from one family, therefore I guess the communication between them is much better than SER and CS, which should lead to more captcha solving. I'm just guessing.

    If you want to know the statistics, look up in your preferred search engine for comparisons, there are dozens of 'em. Here:

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