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**Feature Request** Show Verified/Submitted For Date Range

edited November 2013 in Feature Requests
This is a serious request for @sven - this could help a lot of people get better performance from SER.

The absolute best way to increase verified link building is to *know* which engines - on which platforms - are not performing well. There is currently a report in Advanced>Tools>Show Stats>List1 vs List2 which shows "verifieds vs. submitteds".

The problem with this report is that it is cumulative. That means every crappy link from every engine - good or bad - from the beginning of time - is in that report. So why is this bad?

I have data for 18 months. That data is meaningless on which engines are working well right now. Let me give you an example from this week:

I noticed I am barely making social network links. I already trimmed the losers a long time ago - but that was based on data 12 months ago. So I wanted new data, and I let loose a bunch of social network projects - with every engine checked - for the past week. Now yes, I can eyeball the verified stats in the project area - but I have no submission data - so it is an incomplete picture. I literally cannot analyze the data on Social Network links for the past week (except manually). That cool List1 vs List2 report does not help me at all as it contains all links for the past 18 months (in my case).

So @sven, what I am saying is that it is very, very difficult to get usable data on verifieds vs. submitted. And that data is critical to helping us avoid wasting a lot of time with sub-par engines in our efforts.

It's important for users to know 'fairly easily' which engines are bringing home the results. I would love to see you create a date range option (ideally), or even some options like 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months - for the List1 vs List2. Then we can analyze just the most recent data to make our decisions.

Thanks for listening. 



  • SvenSven

    Yes I know what you want but at current state it is impossible as in time when a submitted engine is removed, it is not appearing anywhere. I have no date for it and can not calculate this on such basis.

    But I have something else in mind that might help here. Though in a different way. But give me a bit time testing this,

  • ronron
    Thanks @sven. Anything that can help evaluate more recent engine performance is priceless.
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