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How to know how many questions are forwarded to or NONE AT ALL ??

How do we find out  - if any questions at all - how  many questions captchas we have in our engine choice  setup ?

I remember in much earlier months question-captchas appeared in CB log scroll on a regular basis.

In recent weeks I have never seen a single question again
does that mean my current engine setup has NO questions and the askmebot subscription is obsolete ???



  • SvenSven
    In the status bar yous ee how many text questions have been sent to AskMeBot. "C: X Y Z ... [ASKMEBOT]"
  • ok

    is there a way to reset the counters to zero to see what exactly is CURRENTLY going on ??

    much earlier I saw many questions showing up in CB = I knew there is activity going on
    now since weeks with different engine settings I see no more questions showing up in CB = may be time to delete that service
  • SvenSven

    CB never used AskMeBot as CB only solves captchas.

    You have to restart SER to reset this counter.

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