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Low verified links and Low LPM these days???

the links are being built very slowly these days, and GSA isn't verifying my links even I set it to automatically. see screen shot. here's the screen shot in the options: using 30 private proxies. please help asap. thank you very much


  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Not sure whats happening but yes, I have noticed the same thing. Wish I would have never updated a few updates ago.
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    It has nothing or little to do with "these days" nor moonlight nor tide

    study SER by monitoring a few weeks 24/7 (yes day and night MONITOR errors and log display until you understand
    understand the different engines YOU choose > chose the ones that CAN be verified

    OPTIMIZE every single possibility out of SER
    use target URLs that CAN be verified
    that is YOUR choice to do by the way YOU obtain NEW target URLs

    monitor the CONTENT of your > show URLs > show left target URLs
    DEDUP / CLEAN UP if needed
    clean up your global site list
    live-check any list you import BEFORE importing
  • hans51

    Your suggestions seem valid regarding low verification... but what about LPM that has dropped like a stone?  I understand LPM is dependent on links submitted - if we I am using the same list to submit to, why the huge drop in LPM?  I used to see well over 100LPM and am now struggling with around 30 :(

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    Every time I update I drop to <5lpm from 40-50lpm. No changes apart from an update.

    edit: now that I've said that, 20 minutes later it's up to 150lpm. I literally have no idea how or why.
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    I'm just going to say something in general. You don't need to update all the time. And when you do decide to update, keep the exe thats working well for you just in case the update turns out to mess you up.
  • @donaldbeck

    A very good point.  Unfortunately I have tended to trust developers in the past and assumed that an 'update' was supposed to be good news!

    I only wish I knew which version was working so well for me - I think it was probably several updates ago.  Under these curcumstances it seems there's no going back now.
  • *curcumstances* not sure where that spelling came from... i blame the keyboard - clearly need an earlier version... ;)
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