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Problem with memory..


I have been facing lately a problem with GSA memory, like too much threads/running projects, and yet i have really powerful VPS, from bermanhosting 4GB DD3 Ram, did anyone have similar problem, or i should change my VPS provider, because i used to have 2GB DD3 Ram, and have runned like more threads for submissions 250, and didn't have this problems, and now i even lowered threads to 150, with more powerful machine and yet i do have this problem.. Hope for some help.

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  • Yes, I sometimes have that problem. I have been told it's Berman's fault maybe they are too popular. I have 3x Licenses of SER all running on Berman machines, sometimes it's sh*t sometimes its fine. I am setting up on a new different SEO VPS provider shortly. Will let you know how it compares.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I get the same thing lately. Not sure what the problem is to tell you the truth.
  • me too, maybe because run ser too long.
    i only run it with 100 threads 
  • I will try to change provider definetly next month, because i paid good price and yet recieving same results and even worse.. Porbably bermanhosting is overused like HMA, will try to find some less popular provider and report how it's going cheers.
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