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Tips for making Tier 1 Links.

Hey everyone, I start a new website that I want to rank with GSA SER. I am newbie with this software. I know how the tiered links work and now I want to use GSA SER for it.

I think to limit at first month to 5-10 submission for a day.
Then tier 2 will send 50-100 submissions.
Then tier 3 to tier 2 will send 100-200 submissions.

For Tier 1:
Web 2.0
Social Network
I will write a article and spin it with spinnerchief.

For Tier 2:
Social Bookmark

For Tier 3:
Blog Comment
Image Comment

What do you think? Any tips?


  • goonergooner
    Looks good, see how the rankings are and make changes if needed.
  • I agree with @gooner that is a good starting point. I think the key is to start multiple websites and use different techniques. So spin up some similar sites and get more aggressive on some and even less aggressive on others. 
  • goonergooner
    ^^ Thats great advice and should shorten your learning curve dramatically,
  • My experiences with T1 text are majorly varied. Some sites I can rank a site with 5% density for my main keyword. Other sites I can only rank with 40% being the same keyword. And to make matters worse sometimes I need 10 links to rank, sometimes 5,000. It really depends on so many factors that you just have to go with it and see what works for your niche/country/market. If you overshoot the runway then $10 on Godaddy for a new domain and try again.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited November 2013
    Hi @snowstephan,

    Your daily submissions for tier1 look a bit on the conservative side, but you can always start off slow with your link building and then ramp it as you get more experienced, and putting quality content on your tier 1 will most likely serve you well in the future.

    However, the way that you are going to construct your tiers isn't really ideal, as you would be building spam on top of spam - probably best to check out @ron's tiered link structure guide as a starting point, and then come back with any questions you may have.

    As others have said, maybe build some test sites to practice on first to get a feel for what the software can do, and what works, and what doesn't.
  • ronron
    edited November 2013
    @Snowstephan - The main reason @2Take2 said it was conservative is because you may only average 1 verified link out of 10 submitted (10%).

    The question you want to ask is how many 'verifieds' links should I make in a day. If you are taking the safe route, you are probably very safe with 3-5 verified links per day to start out. So how many submitted will you need to get there? You have to watch closely and adjust as necessary, but if you are averaging 10% verified, then you need to build 10 links to get 1 verified. So you would need 30 - 50 links built per day. This is just an example, but you get my point.

    Also, I only care about this formula on T1 direct links to the moneysite. For T2 and below, I just set it to build either 10X or 20X 'per url' (make sure to check that box on the right for per URL).

    There are no correct answers here because the correct answer is whatever works. Like @spunko2010 said, each site and niche is different. So maybe do your first site this way, then try site number 2 using a different approach. The person who test different approaches is the one who always wins. The person who always looks for that quick answer on the forum ends up chasing their tail. So be bold and try different things.

    p.s. I was checking my stats for a couple new projects, and found that I barely made any Social Network links. Barely any submitted, and obviously even fewer verifieds (and only phpFox for that matter). Are the footprints bad? 

  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    edited November 2013
    @ron regarding to the last part of your post I also noticed that it's hard to get some good amount of SN links, when I compare some campaigns where I build Articles and Social Network in the same project then the majority of links are articles with xpressengine and drupal at the top and there are just a few SN, I have no idea why, maybe these engines are not so popular so there are less sites created with them
  • You all guys made good comments and you have very nice tips. Thank you!

    @ron, good point. I will set it to limit per verification and not submissions.

    Thanks everyone,
    I will start it tomorrow. :)
  • ronron
    @Snowstephan - I wouldn't set SER to do 'x verified links'. Always do 'x submitted links per day'. When you do 'verified' there are too many threads, and you will grossly overshoot your verified target. We all have experienced it. So don't make that mistake. Always manage your 'submitted' to get the verifieds you need. 
  • Do most people really think tier 3 is really needed still? I have seen people on both sides of the fence.
  • I think it is needed more than ever. In fact, we probably need to start going deeper. Why? Because the better Google gets at detecting tiers, the deeper we have to go with more lower tiers being all squeky clean. Fo rme, Tier 2 is no different than Tier 1. Clean and contextual. Meaning Tier 3 can be only slightly spammy with a 4th Tier being anything and everything. 

    Just my $0.02
  • edited November 2013
    I agree with @Wizzardly . The smarter the Google is getting day by day, we need to get 10x more smarter than it. We're playing a game of hide and seek here. We need to confuse Google to a point that it has difficulty in getting out of the loop and just "gives up" (theoretically, but I'm seeing this on practical basis too on many sites that easily survived penguin updates, both). So in future, we need to confuse Google more to be not to be on its radar and get shot. So experiment yourself and make tactics as to how you'd be confusing Google and play safe. That is what I plan to do now after developing a game plan.
  • edited November 2013
    hmm yeah makes sense, it's just I'm still seeing so much content ranking from nothing but garbage, so sometimes I don't know what to believe. :(

    what about anchor text for higher tiers like T2 and up, what keywords do you have to use, could those tiers just use generic anchor text ? or should you still use keywords your aiming for on your money site ? 
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