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Orphaned pages or 404 - what is SER doing to assure all pages used?

Every page online is capital - so is every link
a question and feature request



T1 page A
T2 page B linking to page A

there are 2 scenarios that either lead to 404 or orphaned pages

T1 page A = disappears / lost / deleted
what is happening to the 404 from T2?
is SER recognizing that situation from RE-verifications and then what ???
since SER apparently can delete links,
may be SER also can replace a link from T2 page B to point to another re-verified page ??

T2 page B lost / deleted
= page A no longer receives a link
again SER knows that from RE-verifications

is SER using another article submission to link to orphaned page
or lost / orphaned for good = :(


  • SvenSven

    Well if you have re verification on in T2 and T2 does not see the link from T1 it has previously build links to (either deleted by hand or reverify of T1 auto deleted it), it will simply remove everything. But indeed this could be changed and T2 could e.g. first delete the data and re use it as new target site.

    This is a bit more complex and will not be added too soon but it's a nice idea and I keep it in mind for later adding.

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