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Submission with partial spintax at end of text = about 1+ paragraph

A few days ago I had an unusual error for an otherwise successful submission

article got submitted
the top approx 90% of article was OK
the bottom remainder showed complete spintax instead of spun text

all spintax verified = OK

unfortunately I can NOT reproduce that situation - but explain in detail how it occurred and I can imagine a possible reason:

In Linux, using command line, with several commands on a single command-line = all submitted at "enter" hit ...

the expected results is a sequential processing of each command. one by one.
however there are situations when a NEXT process STARTS BEFORE the previous is completed 100%

to avoid such errors there is a special Linux command (sync) to FORCE next command to wait until ALL of previoius command is executed 100%

the a.m. mentioned bug-situation of SER looks like
SER started submission of that article BEFORE the built in spinner completed spinning ALL text ...

the situation that could make such possible may be OS dependent (WIN-version dependent)
I use upgraded win7 (upgraded about once a month)

the technical situation may have been leading to such error:
 = my laptop used ONLY for SER normally is FULLY loaded = 99% CPU @33 threads
the only verification for NOT OVER-loading CPU is that I monitor my CPU to regularly (every several seconds) at least reduces a few % BELOW 99% = NEVER staying at 99% for extended time or even minutes!

In case of a slow www connection + fully overloaded CPU for several seconds = MAYBE such error could occur unless prevented forcefully by WIN OS OR proper preventive coding to block submission until all spun text really prepared



  • SvenSven
    Sorry no, that can not be the problem but something else must be the issue here. Can you maybe send the project backup and also mention the URL you had seen this?
  • sorry but I accidentally deleted the URL I noticed this problem
    and unfortunately my www does NOT allow much of surfing for verification of new articles
    = hence I have to wait until I see same problem occur again (if ever) and then let you know more details
    as far as I remember it was on a drupal blog post
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