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Tons Of No Engine Matches

edited November 2013 in Bugs
I pulled a list yesterday...

Started going at it today... 

Getting a huge number of "no engine matches."

What can I do? I've gone through 1000+ of my verified links that I pulled from using GSA advanced tools and I got 1 link submitted.

All my proxies are working fine.



  • Hi @tmajestic

    "No engine matches" is quite a common thing with GSA.

    Reasons being:

    -Your submission engine selections are wrong
    -GSA cannot correctly identify the right engine to post to

    Out of sheer curiosity - what platforms are you trying to post to/what platforms do you have selected?

  • Well I pulled the footprints out of GSA then I used scrapebox to build a list of only places I was going to be posting. Articles, blog posts, etc. So I thought I would have a better success rate by doing this but I don't know if I am.
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