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Re-verifying Tier 1 Links - Do deletions move up the chain of Tiers?

So I am re-verifying Tiers. Say a link is missing from tier 1. And I have 10 links that point to that page on Tier 2 and 100 links that link to the Tier 2 links on Tier 3. When the Tier 1 link is removed, do the 10 Tier 2 links and 100 Tier 3 links get removed from the verified links?

Just thinking about future link building and indexing and efficiency here. 


  • SvenSven
    yes they are removed from the other tiers if they also use re-verify option.
  • Another question along the same lines. Are the links removed from a projects verified also removed from the Global Verified Sites List we have the system save to files? The one we use to seed new projects?
  • SvenSven
    No, just from the project. No URLs are removed at all from global site lists, just if you choose some of the options like "Remove Duplicated/Clean Up" manually.
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