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Global email list

Hi @Sven

Would it be possible to have a global email list where we could just import bulk emails and SER would automatically take and distribute emails to projects? 

Example of how I see it:
1. I import a list or file with 1k emails
2. "Email Verification" for each project would have an option to "replace" certain amount of emails after specified period of time. Let's say, "replace 5 emails every 7 days" from a list or file
3. Ability to import from both single email and catchall format 

I myself and some people here encountered the issue with stuck verification. I have a lot of submitted links with status [awaiting verification]. So my guess here is that it has something to do with outlook email accounts. I use AC+ with catchall option. 

Let me know your thought.



  • I would love this feature myself! It would save me having to create emails on a continual basis and I could just automate the email creation to have it deposit them to a directory of which GSA automatically populates the email fields when you create a new project. @sven Good idea!
  • SvenSven
    Sorry but no, I will not add this as I believe projects should be as independent as possible. However you can use macros in every project that would pull things from a file.
  • get emails and remove it from list. independent. simple. Sven, try realise
  • @Sven I want to make sure that we understand each other. I am not talking about a global list which is used by all projects at the same time but rather a list or file that would simply stores emails. Then each project would have an option to take and remove emails from that list/file and use them only for that specific project for certain period of time. 

    So the number of emails in the list will decrease over time and we just need to create new emails and add to it rather than go to each project and update email accounts. As number of projects grows it becomes a really pain in the butt. 
  • SvenSven
    Yea I understood this, but setting this up is making it more complicated for people.
  • Pity :(( Thanks for looking into @Sven
  • one question - SER automaticaly ignore blacklisted emails while project run?
  • SvenSven
    no, it uses all emails imported in project.
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