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best practice for using GSA Ser and other questions

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Hi all,

I'm new to Ser and I have some questions that confuse me:

What's the best practice for scraping ?
I own a license of gscraper and I scraped a lot of urls with the footprints extracted with the tool someone posted here. The scraping is very fast with gscraper and I got a really big list (because of many, many keywords).
But what's the next step ?
When I go to options -> advanced -> tools -> import urls (identify and sort in) it takes hours to process the lists I scraped before. Is this normal ? Or is there any faster way of importing and identifying links in Ser ?

When I start a new project, how many email adresses are you using for one project ?
Why I ask ? Because I imported 350 email adresses into one project and the process of verifying takes very, very long.
Is there a way of just processing my list (posting to articles,bookmark sites, ect.) without verifying all the email addresses every xx minutes ?
I want to just post and later on I want to start the verify process manually. Is this possible ?

Search online for sitelists - question:
What's that for ? I tried as described in a video but I was wondering how it works ? It finds only pages of pastebin. Can the scraper extract the urls on this pages to find new link targets ? Because the site command only send you pages inside the pastebin domain. How does it work ?

4.) Cleaning up and duplicate removing
Does this process clean all the urls in the global list (identified, success and veryfied) ? Is it the same as if I copy all urls into scrapebox/gscraper, remove duplicates and scan the remaining urls for my link ? Or is it just an alive-test with duplicates-removing ?

Many thanks for your help...



  • SvenSven
    edited November 2013

    1) Import the urls in one project (should have all engines from that list enabled). This will also put the URLs in the site list (if enabed) and actually post to them as well.

    2) You should use like 10 emails. Thats a good number and you can exchange emails once needed. Improving the verification speed is done when setting a custom time (like every 2h) and set the option to remove URLs after first verification.

    3) It's like this:People like to paste lists of URLs on pastebin. You can search pasebin very easy if you use e.g. " /some/known/url/tags". The program will go to that search engine results and tr to add each URL found on that page to the site list.

    4) cleaning up will do a live test, rest will just work on the files and not download the URLs.

  • @sven
    Thanks for your explanation. One last question:

    in 2) you said:
    "Improving the verification speed is done when setting a custom time (like every 2h) and set the option to remove URLs after first verification"

    How can I set this custom time and where's the option "to remove URLs after first verification" ?
    I can't find this...



  • SvenSven
    In project options you have a box for how verification should be done. If you set it to Custom you can set it to a fixed time + have check boxes.
  • Thanks for your help...
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