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Import Email Error

Just update gsa ser 7.09 and i get error when trying to import email, i already import right format and use email SSL  like:

But when i see on gsa ser it not active use SSL, so all email that i was import to gsa ser is failed on test

PS : i import email from quick import email tab gsa ser not on edit campaign dashboard.


  • SvenSven
    Couldn't locate any issue on my end. Can you tell me where exactly you import? (click this, than here, than do that)
  • right click project >>> modify project >> import >>email account >>> from clipboard

  • SvenSven
    working for me now (but already fixed a small bug). So lets see if thats working for you on next update as well. At least I could not reproduce this anymore.
  • thanks @sven, waiting to try the next update

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