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Word AI with SER - Any thoughts?

As the title says, anyone using Word AI to prepare content, and what do you think of it?


  • Yes. It's awesome. It's the best spinner in my mind and I've bought them all before. SpinnerChief Pro was my favourite until I found WordAi and it makes SC and especially TBS look stupid.

    The bulk spinner is amazing too. I went through my monthly quota in a few days ;) 2.5million words worth.
  • @judderman, I've taken out the trial and I have to say that i'm impressed with the quality of the output.

    The uniqueness seems to be a problem though, or is there something I'm missing as I can't get it above an average of 50% for any decent amount of articles (checked using the generate and compare function in TBS)?
  • Really? I've never seen less than 90%. On the drop down menus, make sure it's 'super unique' and if you're not too bothered on the word count (always throw in higher than 500w anyway) then you can remove the 'do not remove sentences'. Try it again with the super uniques.
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    @Judderman - It normally shows up at 80+ % uniqueness at the top of the page in Word AI, but if I take the spintax, then input it into TBS and generate and compare say 50 versions it actually comes out at between 30 - 55% (Depending on the word AI settings used), which I wouldn't want to use anywhere.

    I will try it on 'super unique' as you suggested, but I was really looking at it for it's ability to auto spin content that makes sense, as I can just use Kontent machine for more uniqueness for the lower tier stuff.

    As I said, I am really impressed with the output of the auto spin though, so I might use it to save a bit of time, maybe rewrite the sentences myself and then us it to auto spin on the word/phrase level.

    Just need to see if the price is justified for the output that it would produce, compared to doing the same thing using the "replace everyone's favorites"  feature in TBS.

  • You're totally right to check and double-check. I hate tools that don't work but for me I'm seeing really good results from WordAi. I'd like to trial the Pro version (turing) to see the difference but I know I won't use it enough to justify the price. The cheaper one suits me better.

    But, if it doesn't work for you, then it doesn't. 
  • @judderman, after having a bit more of a play with word AI I think I've come around to your way of thinking.

    Although the output reads really well I'm still not convinced by the one click article spinning, but then to be fair, perhaps I was expecting too much - I guess that 100s of unique, perfectly readable variations of an article at the click of a mouse was never really going to happen.

    However, with some manual spinning and a bit of love, THIS TOOL ABSOLUTELY OWNS IT!!!

    After having a bit of a play this evening and in conjunction with some other tools I've managed to create an ultra spun 500 word article (spun on the word/phrase level, and 3 levels deep on sentences and paragraphs), that has every output at a readability level that will pass moderation 99% of the time, passes copyscape every time cleanly (not that I really care about copyscape, but have some credits to use up), and is good for at least several 1000 variations before indexing could become a problem.

    All this completed in just over 2 hours - I'm totally blown away!!!

  • @2take2 turing or regular version?
  • @2Take2 Mind explaining what "spun on the word/phrase level, and 3 levels deep on sentences and paragraphs" means? I'm fresh off the spinning boat. I get the first part, but the 2nd one I am not sure of. 

    And are you using TBS for your other tool or something else?

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    @Wizzardly - Spun at the word level is like this:
    I like {dogs|puppies|pets}.

    Phrase level is like this:
    {I believe|I think|I know|We think|We believe} pets are awesome.

    Sentence level spinning means you write multiple versions of each sentence, like:
    {I think pets are awesome|Everyone loves pets|I really love pets}

    Which could then be nested like:
    {I think {dogs|puppies|pets} are {wonderful|awesome}|{Nearly everyone|My family|Everyone} {like|loves} {dogs|pets}|{I really|Most people|Kids} {adore|love} {dogs|pets|puppies}}

    And then if you want even more uniqueness, you can write multiple versions of entire paragraghs, each containing multiple versions of each sentence, which each contain phrase and word variations as well. It is a lot of work to create, but in the end, you can produce thousands of unique articles out of that one super-spinnable article.
  • And by the way, when you mention "other tools," @2Take2 , are you using ChimpRewriter? I really like Chimp for manually spinning. I don't think any other tool comes close for this purpose, certainly not TBS, nor the garbage software called Spinner Chief.
  • JamPackedSpam - I just used the normal spinner on the highest quality setting, but I'm going to experiment a bit more with the turing spinner today.

    @Wizzardly - It is exactly as @seogeek says. If you want to learn more about manual spinning then Matthew Woodward's video lays it all out quite nicely.

    @SEOgeek - The tools I used were; Kontent Machine to scrape a load of articles to use different paragraphs from, the title builder from RankWYZ to create 100 titles to spin, TBS to manually spin the sentences and paragraphs, and Word AI to auto spin it all on the word/phrase level.

    However, it could also be done fairly easily with just a desk top spinner and word AI though, if you didn't have the other tools mentioned.

  • @2Take2 Can WordAI add more spinning to an already spun article? The way you talk it sounds like it but just want to verify. My trial expired before I remembered to test that. 

  •    jest learn how to use TBS properly and you'll never need any other tools . You have much better control of what you doing .  And auto spinning is working very good . Word AI imo  got viral without proving really anything . What I so when testing , first spin from word ai passing the CS , but second one already not and this on super unique mode . Fancy website a lot of noise and that's it, TBS still owns it.
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    Hi @wizzardly, yes, you can input spintax into the article field of word AI and then spin various elements of it.

    dimitribanks, although I wouldn't necessarily call myself an 'expert' with TBS, I've been using it for a long time, and would certainly consider myself a competent user.

    I know what you mean about word AI though, and to be honest I wasn't really impressed with its ability to rewrite articles (see my earlier posts), not due to the quality, but mainly just the uniqueness of the outputs.

    However, if you want to auto spin something on the word/phrase level then Word AI Turing absolutely knocks the spots off of TBS - they're not even in the same league.

    That said, it's not really a case of one tool or the other, as both are good for different things, for example, I wouldn't even entertain trying to use word AI to spin an article manually, but then that's not really what it's designed to do.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that for me it's just a case of using the right/best tool for the job, and if I have to use multiple tools to save me time and complete the job to the standard that I want, then so be it.
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    Explore wordai more than 2 years since beta period. You can take free trial and join via my link ( ) and if you need any help with wordai you'll get it and also PHP scripts for bulk rewriting, plr articles, tested settings for good/econom blalnce of rewriting.

    Join trial and feel free send PM for coupon.
  • Matthew Woodward has a fabulous video on article spinning on YouTube. Everything you need to know. All of his tutorials are outstanding!
  • I'm using this tool for T1 , and it works great, but for lower tiers much more content is needed than it can generate.
  • Cardine is boss.What ever Cardine does is the same.Word AI is a great tool.Give it a shot
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