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GSA SER removing links that should be verified

Strange thing started happening. SER is removing links from my verified list and saying they failed verification even when the links are perfectly fine. Last night i noticed my verified links dropped from about 650, to about 200 on a particular project. I thought it was odd, but put off looking into it later. So today, i go copy the links that failed verification, paste them in and started rechecking, and it returned "0" verified links out of the almost 900 links total (including the ones that showed up verified before). Now i figure thats very odd, so i click some of the links. And there they are, full articles intact with proper anchor text, keywords etc. Try to reverify all again, this time 3 links pop up as verfied out of the whole batch. Most of the links are still functional and working but SER fails them all.  Also i do have the "also re-verify existing backlinks" option selected, but i dont have the "verified links must have exact URL" option selected. Any suggestions?


  • Here's a screenshot of the options. thanks in advance.

  • I would like to advice you. Uncheck the option "also re-verify existing backlinks" and select ""verified links must have exact url"".. i hope it will solve your problem..
  • thanks for the suggestion, but i've used these options on multiple campaigns. The links are good, thats not the reason that links that should be verified are coming back as bad. 
  • goonergooner
    The only reason i can think of is that the proxy was bad or something like that, but SER has something in place to prevent link deletion on the basis of one failed proxy i assume?
  • yes, i have about 900 good public proxies at the moment that gsa scraped, plus about 30 private proxies that are all testing good. i have gsa set to only verify with my private proxies i haven't tried the verification in a couple hours, so i'll try now and see if the problem sorted itself out somehow. i'll recheck all the proxies too while i'm at it... thanks for the suggestion
  • Good catch Gooner, seems my proxy payment didnt go through for some strange reason (even though earlier they tested out fine), so i sorted that out. once the private proxies get back activated i'll know if that was the real cause of the problem. Thanks for helping me re-trace my steps.
  • goonergooner
    You're welcome, i thought SER would have a prevention method in place for that.
    It really shouldn't remove links if it can not verify because of a dead proxy.
  • yup turned out the be the proxy prob, now the links are coming up verified, does anybody have any tips on getting the information that is no longer showing in the re-verified links? i mean the fields like "type" "engine" etc... all of those are now blank.
  • yeah i agree, it should give a message like "couldn't connect" or something like that
  • @Sven could you confirm this. I also saw a big deletion recently on verified links. If the proxy fails does it delete the link as this shouldn't happen.
  • im also having this issue... im not re-verifying anymore because there are a some links that ser delete because the proxy used to check that link was bad at that moment
  • edited November 2013
    Is there really a point in using proxies to check verification anyway? Your not logging in to anything. You are just going to a page to check if text exists, if I am not mistaken. If that is the case no point to using proxies at all especially public.
  • @Tank problem is that if you disable verifications using proxies then it will not use proxies for the email verifications. I don't want my vps ip checking 5000 emails. Maybe if an extra verification option was given just for emails then that would work better. :)
  • i'm also having the same issue. Valid links are being deleted during verification. It may be because of proxies, but I have the proxy option of 'disable bad proxies' checked. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?
  • SvenSven
    @pclweb if a proxy fails it is not removing the links as you get a empty reply (no content at all). In that case it is not removing the link.
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