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GSA SER captcha providers what is the best setup

edited November 2013 in Other / Mixed
Right now in GSA SER they have the following order:

1. Spamvilla (when it's working)
3. Mega OCR
4. Anti Gate

I heard that GSA SER filters the captchas so only ReCaptcha is sent to Spamvilla but I'd like to be certain. Is this actually true? I don't want to overload Spamvilla with other captchas as it is a waste of threads.

Tip for those whose who use Mega OCR. Don't use it with GSA CB - use it in SER. It looks like GSA CB is single threaded at least in some ways. LPM will go down if you have Mega OCR - or anything else configured with CB as CB will halt processing captchas until answer from external provider has arrived. At least, that is what it looks like from the captcha solving plus LPM in SER.


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