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Anyone Using Dual Purpose Tier 1's?

So I was mind mapping out somethings and I stated thinking about my use of Tier 1. 

Let's say my Money Site #1 is about "Call of Duty". The money sites are usually lazer focused for easy rankings. 

My Tier 1 links would usually be a little more generalized. for this example, let's say I only have 2 Tier 1s sites. One is on "First Person Shooters" and the other one is on "Popular Video Games". Since these are sites I control and not just links I post, I can add as much content as I want. Let's say both are 10 pages each. But on the 10 pages, I only link back to Money Site #1 on one page. Every other page only links internally and to other authority content on the subjects. I then do my Tier1A and Teir2 with 80% to homepage (not having my link) and 20% to the page with my link with some other deep links mixed in. 

But then say I want to spin up a Money Site #2 on "Halo." I was thinking about adding an 11th page to both of those Tier 1 sites to link to the Halo money site. 

When thinking about it obviously the debate revolves around footprints. We don't want Money #1 & #2 to have the exact same footprint but at the same time if the Teir 1's match then should there be some overlap? Tier 1's can get expensive (either in time or actual $$ cost) if doing them to look natural.

Anyone else using their Tier 1's to link to multiple money sites? If so, is it selectively or are your Tier 1's a whole other blog network you also use to generate money with?


  • @wizzardly - are these the only links you would create to your money sites ? Usually every site links out to plenty other sites, so linking to some random site, like - "Halo" shouldn't be any problem. To sum up, just build more links. 
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited November 2013
    You're talking about building a network of self hosted feeder sites, right?

    What you are intending to do sounds fine, just don't link your blog network sites together (if you don't know what you're doing),  and what ever you do don't get lazy and link between your different money sites as it will most likely get you slapped.

    Also, some say to use different hosting for each site on your blog network and also register the sites under different names, which is probably a good idea depending on how many sites you have (if it's just a few then you probably don't need to).

    You could also use different themes and CMSs along with various other things, but again, it's probably not worth it if you only have a few sites.

    Also, if you are going to use your network for powering up your money sites, then IMO it's better put the links to your money sites all on the homepage/s not inner pages, as you will get more juice.

    As for footprints in your link profiles, unless you get really, really unlucky and get your sites manually reviewed I doubt that it would be a problem.

  • @RayBan no these would be one of multiple types of links to my money site, but the most natural looking ones I think. Add in some social sites and a handful of articles and there you go. 

    @2Take2 a lot are parasite hosting so that takes care of hosting, domains, etc. So blogspot, wordpress, etc etc. And of course the self hosted ones need new IPs, etc. 
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