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Projects ACTUALLY stop for X amount of time, even if closed

I just re-tested this, so unless it is a bug, the "stop project for X amount of time after X amount of submits/verifications" doesnt really work, because if you close down GSA, or restart your PC or whatever, if you start up GSA and click start, they will start again!

So again, unless I just found a bug... this shouldnt be hard, software just has to read your PC time and then actually pause for 24 hrs (or whatever) after that.


  • SvenSven
    It's not a bug. If a project restarts, it counts the URLs build from now - the set time to pause. And if there are URLs left to build, it does.
  • But if the project is done for that day, and you restart gsa, and hit start, it starts all the projects again, instead of waiting the amount of time it should
  • SvenSven
    Well for this I have no explanation than. Please send a project backup.
  • its all my projects
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