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Write to file via engine script

cherubcherub UK
edited November 2013 in Feature Requests
I've scripted SER to perform some non-link-building tasks for me, and was wondering if it would be possible to allow SER to write to a file in engine script. An example syntax could be:

write file=/accounts/%random-10000000-99999999%.txt=%whatever%\n%data%\n%iwant%

I currently email the data I need to myself via modify url and a perl script, but writing to files would be so much more convenient, and open the doors to many other possibilities for the already powerful engine script.


  • Also, what's up with the formatting on the forum? I have to add in my own < br > tags
  • SvenSven

    next version has this syntax:

    write file="c:\temp\accounts.txt" "my data..."

  • Fantastic! :D
    I should pre-empt myself and say that appending to a file would probably be useful in the future too, and maybe even delete file. But that will be more than enough for my needs - thanks!
  • Have now had a chance to try using the new syntax, and it works perfectly. Awesome Sven!
  • SvenSven
    Your welcome ;)
  • how and where it is possible to apply? any sample
  • You would use it in one of your [STEP*] sections, probably the final one. Sample syntax is what sven posted above.
  • I don't ask about SER, I ask about SEO :-)
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