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[REQUEST] Ability To Login TO GSA SER Created Projects And Change Anchor Text / URL

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Hi, i wrote this on another "answered" thread yesterday, but didn't get a reply so i guess it mightn't have been seen. I was
going to ask you could you add the ability to login and the change
anchor text and url on projects created in gsa ser. I would really
appreciate it if you could add this feature as due to the recent google
updates i've begun to concentrate on ranking youtube videos and squidoo
lenses until the dust settles, but there's always the risk that these
can get deleted, so instead of having to rebuild the links then every time i could just change my previous GSA SER created links pointing to my deleted page/video to my new page/video. I know you are busy with other features, but please consider adding this feature too,


  • I've post an update on my thread.... Both features will help Link removal and anchor text change, Sven let's make this happen 
  • SvenSven

    Whats wrong with the other thread that covers exactly the same topic? I guess I better remove this one if you don't have anything to add.

    It also doesn't help to push me with more and more threads of the same thing. I might even ignore things if you push me.

  • edited October 2012
    @ Sven I hadn't had a reply on the other thread about it so i guessed i had to start a new thread. Raumaitre posted his reply on the other thread which was the only comment that touched on the problem after i posted this. I don't mind remove this thread if you want then
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