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GSA Indexer is no longer automatic

edited August 2012 in Bugs
Before, GSA SER links get sent straight to the Indexer and the Indexer does its job. Today, all links are being "collected" in this window:


...and I have to manually press 'Start' each time a new link is added so the links get indexed. :( So when I wake up tomorrow morning, there will be like 100 links just sitting in this window waiting for me to press 'Start' so they get indexed. :(

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    This is fixed in upcoming version (released in some minutes).

    Beside that you can now even edit the queue (add, import, delete) while it is processing it.


  • edited August 2012
    Having the same issue. Really rough when you've got dozens of index links backed up waiting for manual submissions. Hopefully there is an easy fix.

    Same is happening during an import outside of GSA. Multi-URL imports need individual manual submissions.
  • That's great! Was hoping to be able to import while processing. Thanks Sven!
  • Just started to have this problem after updating to 1.48
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