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Could not find some new articles, add some new?

I have this most of the time on my gsa message log because on each project, i have 20 articles and all is with heavy spin text on it. I dont think it is not enough articles to be use.

What does this mean and is this bug?

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  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    It means you have used the option to not post the same article twice. The program treats each added article as one article no matter if you use heavy spin syntax here. So if you think the spin syntax is really good enough to not create duplicate content, you can as well disable the option to check for duplicate articles.


  • edited November 2013
    1) If i disable the option to check for duplicate articles, will gsa post different articles everytime or it might have high chance to post again the same articles because i have add 20 aricles and all 20 articles have heavy spin syntax on it?

    2) I also getting many required variable "url" was not used in form. What does this mean?

    3) Just now i use gsa to test again all my private proxies in google and gsa found 4 private proxies in red color but when i test the 4 proxies, 2 is not working at all and another 2 proxies is still working. Any idea why gsa say it is not working?
  • @Sven i'm getting this same message for my profiles.

    Settings set as "do not submit duplicate articles per account"

    My options are set with scheduled posting on. Max 7 posts per account. Max accounts per site 16 +/- 4.
    I also have 100 spun articles in article options and 20 emails.

    Any help?
  • SvenSven

    1) it is choosing a random article than without checking if it's used before or not

    2) different topic but this means the program does not see any url field or anything where the url can be put into.

    3) usually it means they are blocked on google

    @pclweb should be fixed with latest update.

  • I getting same log message alot after update to v.7.20.
  • @Sven: Same here, getting the "could not find some new articles add some new" message, even though I did NOT check "do not submit multiple articles per..."
    This doesn't happen on small campaigns but on the big dummy campaign where I just dumped a 100k scrapebox scrape in. Also, this only happens occasionally...this error shows up, but for the next 500 sites it submits again without problems...?
  • @Sven I'm getting the same thing. :/

    I've only enabled it for "per site/domain" but its still giving the same error.
  • SvenSven
    even in latest version?
  • @Sven Not sure but AFAIK maybe yes.
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