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I have tight budget and i am looking for around $10-$20/month window vps for my gsa ser.

So i found out this 2 window vps provider and look good for me to start with it

1) - VPS 2 and VPS 3

2) - virtual machine basic and virtual machine elite

So like to know is this window vps provider is good to go or anyone have other cheap affordable window vps like $10-$20/month can recommend?


  • I can recommend that you do NOT use They do not say that they allow SEO tools, and I have heard that they may ban you for using them. Also, they have a bandwidth cap at 1-2 TB per month, you can easily go over that using SER alone. I have never heard of or tried trustvm, but they are cheap and have unlimited bandwidth, so that may be an option. I notice on the order page it says something like "Customer is responsible for providing software and license keys for all software to be installed." Does this include Windows itself, I wonder? Or does it just mean if you want MS SQL Server or something? I would ask that question.

    By the way, 2 GB of Ram is needed to run SER and CB both with a good amount of threads. And 2 processor cores would be preferable but not required. The TrustVM Elite is a good deal as long as Windows is included, and they won't throw a fit over using SEO tools.

    Also, check out, their $29 / month VPS Extra plan has 2 CPU Cores, uncapped 1000 mbps connection, 2 GB Ram, and they explicitly allow SEO tools.
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    I have ask the trustvm and it is include the window and they say many user user it for gsa ser.

    I plan to buy 20 semi private proxies and use the megaocr $20/month service, so the max thread i can set on gsa ser is 25 thread.

    Is the bandwidth from is unlimited because i saw it is 1000Mbps?
  • 1000 mbps is speed. It is unlimited bandwidth.

    It looks like you have everything you need to get started with trustvm elite, megaocr, and 20 semi-private proxies. Good luck.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps

    check our Windows vps plans start from $19.95 and 1gbps is included
  • You can use Solidsepvps i recommand it for you.

  • I may be giving bad advice above.  My system requirements were based on using SER + CB, which need 2 GB of RAM when used together.  However, if you are using MEGAOCR for all of your captchas and not CB, then 1 GB Ram might be sufficient to run SER.  Test it out, maybe save some money.
  • +1 for Solidseovps. Awesome VPS, excellent support. I've tried 4-5 different VPS providers over the past 2 years and solidseo has been the best.
  • goonergooner
    I agree, solidseovps have great prices, fast servers and good support too. What more can you ask?
  • Even though they went through a few rough days due to a DDos attack I've been really satisfied with PowerUp.
  • +1 for SolidSEO.  I've just upgraded to their Wizard Plan.

    Speed test and NovaBench results on
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