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#file_links not working correctly in spin

dabdab Wa
edited October 2012 in Bugs
The #file_links macro isn't working correctly when used inside spin tags.  It doesn't use the first #file_links file after either the { or |.  If you put a space after the { or | then it works. 

In the example below files lsents.txt and difflsents.txt will never get used.

Example -
{#file_links[C:\Files\lsents.txt,1,S] #file_links[C:\Files\rsents.txt,1,S]|#file_links[C:\Files\difflsents.txt,1,S] #file_links[C:\Files\diffrsents.txt,1,S]}


  • SvenSven
    yes thats due to the #TAGs you can use, introduced in latest updates. I fixed that now for next version.
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