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Ever had private proxies due to complaints to providers ISP?

So I just started using SER. First thing I did was order proxies from what seemed to be a stable company advertising on the BHW forums. 10 Private. Ran it for a few days using 10 threads only on my home computer. Ordered a VPS and it was ready to roll on Nov 12th. Cool, tossed on SER, upped the threads first night to like 200 based on what I was reading in forums. But it was eating up too much CPU so after the first night I dropped it to 100 threads where it has run every since. I had turned off pinging but to like 5 providers and have only used SE Indexer once which I let run over night while I had SER turned off. 

Then last night I get a message from my proxy provider that my proxies had been disabled and new ones issued without notice. Wasn't all that happy about it since I had active campaigns running. But luckily I was able to get them paused within the hour. 

I tested the new proxies that were sent over and tbh they are complete junk. Last night they passed half of the tests so I let it run. But this morning they are failing all tests and I have shut down my jobs. They are not US based anymore either. So I shot an email to the provider and this is what I got back. 

New proxies has been issued to your account in response to an abuse report. It was reported to our ISP which we link to your proxy IP addresses. Our ISP requires us to process these abuse reports by terminating associated accounts, which is why we moved you to a different server instead. Otherwise, they will shut down all our servers. 

Note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your activity complies to the terms and policies of the sites you visit. Please do not do anything that would be considered "spam" by forums, blogs, or other sites (e.g., creating hundreds of profiles with repeated fake-looking info across hundreds of sites). If you produce an abuse report again, we will need to permanently suspend your account. 

New proxies has been issued, but we can no longer provide you with US proxies. Please give it a try. If this does not suit your needs, we can issue prorated refund. Let us know. Thanks!

So my good US proxies were shut down for complaints to the ISP? And my proxy provider, who advertises with a sticky on BHW is telling me not to spam? I mean really, what does he think that customer base is doing with their proxies?

So I guess I have a couple of questions. 
  1. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Complaints to the ISPs that get your proxies shut down for only using SER?
  2. Is 100 threads running 24/7 just too much? I thought I saw many people doing way more here on the forums.
  3. Is 10 proxies just not enough?
  4. And what do you have your proxies settings at? Mine are:
    1. All Checked to use proxies
    2. All Public Unchecked
    3. All Private Checked
    4. Stop on no active proxies checked
      1. Restart on active proxies checked
    5. Under Options:
      1. Automatically disable public proxies Checked (although I am not using any pubs)
      2. Automatically disable private proxies is unchecked
        1. This had to be unchecked because I would keep logging back into the VPS only to find the projects stopped and all proxies unchecked I assume because the proxies had temporary issues. But I would test and they would be fine. The system was unfortunately not retesting the proxies and checking them again automatically. Should it be?
  5. What is happening in the background when all of the proxies are unchecked and the settings are set to only use private proxies? I turn on a project and it is doing something but I can't tell what. Shouldn't it just not run if there are no proxies?


  • Are you using ProxyBlaze by chance? They are pretty touchy on abuse complaint emails. I have been working to get my own blacklist working to try and combat this problem, but I think no matter what you do, GSA SER is eventually going to post to a honeypot and get you reported.

    Instead of 10 private proxies, consider using a large pool of semi-private proxies. You can get 25 (or more) semi-private for the same price as 10 private. Then, when several of your posts get reported for spamming, they are likely to be different IPs so you aren't getting a ton of complaints on a single IP. AND, if you are sharing the IP, no one will be sure if it was you or someone else doing the spamming.
  • Nah, it was Squid. Already working to replace them. Think Im gonna get proxies from 2 places at a time. 
  • Are you sure the private proxies are anonymous?
    you can check it in a column of GSA on the right in private proxies list.

    For instance, i have joined before proxyspring and asked for 20 proxies. 9 of their proxies were not anonymous. 

    I went up to 120 and i never had a complaint with 10 private proxies. 

    I today use 20 proxies. 

    Don't listen to people using many threads. When people tell you to use 200 threads, really, i am doubtful. 
    because it has many impacts. You must for instance increase html timeout and it kills your bandwidth. 

    Which ISP will accept 2 Megabytes network activity 24 hours / 7 days a week?  

  • Yes they were private. That would have no bearing on if the ISP of the proxy itself can get complaints. 
  • Got the same message from Squid this evening and was relegated to foreign proxies. BUT, it's not like I spam the hell out of sites.  I have 10 proxies.  Guess I'll try multiple providers and more proxies.
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