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'Live' Link Checker for Tiered Link Building

2Take22Take2 UK
edited November 2013 in Feature Requests
Hi @sven,

It would be really cool if we could have the ability to not only verify the links that we build, but also check to see if they are 'Live'.

By 'Live', I mean that the verified URLs actually have a live link pointing to a target URL.

So for example;

I set up a project to build 500 tier 1 links to the URL

When I have created the quantity of tier1 links that i want, I then use the 'show verified urls' function and have an extra option to 'check live links'.

This would then check all of the verified URLs to see if they contain a live link to, with the option to delete any that don't.

Next I build my tier 2 project using the 'use verified urls of another project' function, start creating my links, and also have the ability to periodically run a check on them to remove any that don't contain a live link  to one of the tier1 verified 'live' urls, again, using the 'show verified urls' function.

IMO this would be a killer feature, would save some time, and would really improve a lot of users success with tiered link building.


  • It all ready has this re-verify existing backlinks.

  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited November 2013
    @tommy99, thanks for chiming in, but the feature that I was proposing was the ability to verify (and re-verify) pages with live links, not just the ability to re-verify pages that I have created (unless I'm mistaken and the re-verify existing backlinks feature already does this?).
  • yeap, set Status of stopped tier 1 to Active (R)...
  • I believe what 2Take2 is asking for is to spider through the tiered links to make sure they lead a path to the $ they are supposed to, I was thinking about that too, another option is to make sure that a page is live and that the link is also live - immediately before placing it as a link. in the tier.

    Also, does the re-verify feature verify that the page is live?
    or does it verify that the page is live and the link that was placed is also live?
  • Here is an idea, imagine a software that could remember and scan through all pages it created in the past from all tiers in a project  and see if a previously posted links for a lower tear was a dead link - then it could sign in to the site with the user name and password it created previously and change the dead link to a live one from the same tier as the dead link. That would be amazing.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited January 2014
    Yep, if SER could stop SER and instruct it to actually spider your tiers and remove (or re-purpose) any "dead wood" so to speak, it would be totally awesome.

    Not sure how possible it would be though.
  • Sven's a genius. I'm sure he could figure it out ;)
  • SvenSven
    In latest versions it is using the sites where the re-verify removes links due to broken tiers. It tries to place a different link there.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited January 2014
    Thanks for the reply @Sven, I didn't know that.

    RE. the Re-verify function.

    When used to re-verify URLs in a project/s, does it also remove any failed URLs from our global verified site list?

    If so, is there any way that we could make SER not do that, and just remove them from the relevant project/s only (leaving them in the global verified list for future use)?
  • This is cool. I ran all projects on reverify and it deleted lots of links, which is fine if they are dead/lost but I didn't know that it tried to place another link.....think I'll have to add reverify every 5000 minutes or something to all projects, to keep it all clean and clear out the dead wood.
  • SvenSven

    Site lists are not touched in any way.

    Also note that Re-Verified links who fail to verify are not used to place a link. Only URLs pointing to URLs from the main project where the main project removed them are used to place a new link. A bit complicated to explain but all in all it will try to exchange links in broken tiers to reuse them.

  • Ok, that's brilliant, thanks @Sven
  • Ah I see, thanks Sven. 
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