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Anchor Text Issue When Syncing Projects

Hi guys and gals,

Hoping someone might be able to offer some insight, here's what Im doing:

I am using Content Foundry as my content source and I create my SER projects on my PC, then once created I copy the project file from SER and move that across to my VPS where SER and CF are also operating.

CF is in my DropBox folder so I can easily sync up content between my PC and VPS - I have been creating projects and syncing successfully up until earlier where I noticed in Test Mode that my Anchor Text on my VPS is all either generic or URL. On my PC the anchor text is the list that I inputted (as it should be) but on my VPS it is not (generic & URL)...but the data on both are the same as are the settings....

Im sure it is something simple but I just cant seem to see why the anchor text is not coming out right, if anyone has some insight Id be really grateful!

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