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Choosing anchor text

Hi this question is about picking the right anchor text.
What option would you choose if you had a Web2.0 blog network with auto scraped content:
1. Pick the meta keywords and create a url#{meta keyword1|meta keyword2} solution.
2. Pick the meta title and use that in a url#{meta title} solution.
3. Pick 1 and 2 both.
4. Use the primary and secondary keyword list of the money site (not the tier 1 blog network) in a url#{keyword1|keyword2} solution
5. Use 1 or 2 with 4.
6. Use 3 and 4.

Appreciate your help on this.


  • I asked about this in other forums and me and another guy think it make sense to pick option number 3. My question to you guys is wouldn't it be great to have a meta keyword and title scraper in GSA Search Engine Ranker to build a url#{meta keyword1|meta keyword2} list?

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