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Question on using global site lists

edited October 2012 in Need Help
I just turned this feature on yesterday (which makes me a moron since it has been available for months and I cringe at all the data it could have collected.  However I also cringe at all the money pissed away on Vodka so it's moot).  Anyway, I was looking through the files and I noticed for things like forums it creates an entry with the exact profile link.  I am guessing SER is smart enough to look at this and strip off the extraneous data?

Example: (real forum, fake member).  Does SER look at this and go ok I know I need to strip off everything following forum or what?  Also is there a trick for feeding the forums to xrumer?  I know that question is a little out scope but just figured I would ask.


  • SvenSven
    Im not sure what you are asking but site lists work with any sub url of the engine.
  • Perfect. Sven please put out new products so I can give you more money!
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