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Proxies and VPS?

Hello, i'm new to GSA and was wondering would I need a VPS if I have proxies?  What's the recommendation, I would like to get the best results possible.


  • SvenSven
    Depends on your VPS and the way you do SEO with the tool. But proxies are usually better since you can get better search engines results without getting banned fast.
  • Not using proxies, in my opinion, is like juggling grenades with the pins removed.
  • I got some proxies, is a VPS needed?
  • Not necessarily but a VPS frees up your computer/laptop's resource. GSA SER is a hungry little program and can suck the life out of your computer. A VPS, you can set it up and run it 24/7. They are also much cheaper than buying a spare laptop/computer until you own one for 18+ months.
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